HUB Corporation

HUB Corporation is a custom manufacturing CNC Shop specializing in true 5-Axis contour programming and machining with the ability to make incredibly complex shapes. HUB has an experienced workforce with highly skilled machinists and CNC programmers. HUB utilizes the latest in CNC technology and over the years have acquired 25 CNC machining centers. HUB produces parts from solid models, concentrating on parts with complex surfaces and multi-sided machining requirements with typical orders requiring 100 to 300 hours of engineering and programming. HUB is capable of producing components at exacting tolerances that hold up in high stress environments. HUB serves a wide range of industries including Aerospace, Military, Semiconductor, Telecommunications, Trucking and Automotive.

NAIC codes

  • 332710 - Machine Shops
  • 332999 - All other Miscellaneous Fabricated Metal Product Manufacturing
  • 333511 - Industrial Mold Manufacturing
  • 333514 - Special Die and Tool, Die Set, Jig, and Fixture Manufacturing
  • 541330 - Engineering Services

Why use HUB Corporation for your manufacturing needs?

  • One

    HUB specializes in 5-axis machining and manufactures highly engineered custom components that are typically not mass produced.
  • Two

    Our state-of-art equipment, team of seasoned engineers and technicians with an average tenure of over 22 years enable us to meet our customers' expectations and standards.
  • Three

    HUB specializes in parts with complex surfaces and multi-sided machining requirements. This differentiator allows HUB to tackle parts that other precision CNC Machine shops avoid.
  • Four

    HUB can deliver prototype builds and volume production runs. With over 25 CNC machines and a veteran staff of skilled machinists, we are able to respond quickly and accurately to your needs.


HUB Showcase Video